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Four-wheel balance provide a Opportunities for baby's limb muscle development, it can Promote children's vestibular system development and exercise core balance,
The desigh of the body are stable and strong, With EVA tires which are wear-resistant shock absorption and noise reduction, and the Seat was designed widen with high quality PU, very comfortable.
the surface used Environmental protection dust-free paint, very dafty and durable and fastness,
it can ride by toddler age 10months+, Unlike conventional cycling experience, toddler will master the balancing skill when they ride on Sliding Bike. It will create a fun and long lasting experience for your kids. It has been proven that kids that start on Sliding Bike as the primary ride will learn to ride the conventional bicycle faster. When they know how to balance, thus reduce the falls and skinned knees.
This Bike is light and easy to carry by the handgrip, even by a kids, very convenient to carry out.

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