Mums Choice Comfortable Potty Seat for Kids /Potty Trainer

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About this item
🚽SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: Made of high quality, safe and non-toxic PP material. The Toilet Training Seat has 4 non-slip strips and 2 adjustable laths keep potty training seat with handles firm and not moving.Handles also give a sense of security to your kid when sitting.
🚽URINE SPLASH GUARD:The urine splash guard of potty training is heightened. The front part which bulges upward can prevent urine from splashing. Baby toilet training toilet applies to both boys and girls.
🚽INDEPENDENCE CULTIVATE: Soft curved and edges makes your child 's potty training easier.Cultivate children's habits of independent toilets, stimulate children's potential for independence, and differentiate them from adult toilets so that the baby has more interest in self-determination.
🚽UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Baby toilet seat is scientifically matched for most families. Toddler toilet seat cover potty training seat with handles for boys and girls can fit various shapes of toilet rings, such as O-type, V-type, U-type.
🚽EASY TO CLEAN: Toilet trainer is integral and easy to clean. There are no deep grooves on the bottom of baby toilet trainer seat. You can clean toilet seat cover with warm water and damp rag.

This seat makes toilet training easier for your child. Shaped for little bottoms, with soft curves and edges. It’s easy to remove and clean. Hang it on the wall or place in on its side when not in use.
Product details
The toilet seat makes potty training easier for your child. Comfortable for little bottoms, with soft curves and edges.
Your child sits steady, as the seat has an anti-slip material on the underside to keep it firmly in place.
Can be conveniently hung on the wall or stood on its side when not in use.
Made from harmless plastic, the same material used in in baby bottles, disposable nappies and food boxes.

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