MISUTA 2 in 1 tips Baby Cotton Swabs Organic Cotton Bud(400pcs / Contains =800 Tips )

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SKU: MST5201

Organic Cotton Swabs / Cotton Buds, Double-headed Thin Swabs, Amazing Value

Pure Cotton ear swabs safely clean those hard-to-reach areas of baby's ear by featuring a unique design that is clinically proven to be safer for children

Misuta Baby Cotton Swabs are made with 100 percent pure, non-chlorine bleached cotton for a safer alternative when compared to traditional swabs, giving you added peace of mind when caring for your baby

Newborn Ear and Nose Cleaning Stick, Eco-Friendly Design 100% Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

Hypoallergenic Soft on Skin and Ideal for Beauty and Household Uses, Not just for babies and children, also suitable for use by adults, and can be used to clean ears as well as when applying ointment and makeup

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