MEDELA Quick Clean ™ Microwave Bags 5pcs

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MEDELA Quick Clean ™ Microwave Bags
Medela’s microwave bags are the handy way to sanitise your pumping equipment and breastfeeding accessories quickly and safely.

【Product Highlights】
• Safe and reliable steam treatment
• Eliminates 99.9 % of common bacteria and germs
• Easy and quick: ready to use, works in minutes
• Re-usable: each bag can be used 20 times
• Small and easy to store
• BPA free

【What's in the box?】
5 x Quick Clean™ Microwave Bag

【How to Use】
1. Disassemble the items that you wish to disinfect into their individual parts.
2. Thoroughly rinse all parts with cold, clear water (approx. 20°C), then clean them with warm, soapy water (approx. 30°C). Rinse again with cold, clear water.
3. Add 60ml of water to the bag.
4. Put the parts to be disinfected into the bag.
5. Seal the bag tightly.
6. Put the tightly sealed bag into the microwave. Place the bag in the centre of the turntable.
7. Heat the bag according to the heating times below:
1100W+ = 1.5 minutes
800–1100W = 3 minutes
500–750W = 5 minutes
*Do not overload the bag.
*Do not disinfect the tubing in the microwave bag as this
may lead to it becoming deformed.

【Material Type】Polypropylene (PP)

【Keep your breast pump parts clean and hygienic】
When it comes to sanitising your baby’s feeding equipment and breastfeeding essentials, you don’t want to take any chances. Quick Clean™ Microwave bags are a speedy solution for sanitising breast pump parts and accessories, bottles, teats, dummies and cups. They can be used pretty much anywhere – you just need access to a microwave and clean water.

【How do Quick Clean™ Microwave bags work?】
Medela microwave bags use steam to kill germs, common bacteria and yeast quickly and easily, similarly to a steam steriliser or bottle steriliser that use steam to disinfect breast pump parts and other accessories. As with all other sanitising methods, there’s a bit of prep to do – simply rinse the items you want to sanitise with cold, clean water, then clean with warm, soapy water before rinsing again. Next add a little water to the bag, along with your parts, and seal. Pop in your microwave and heat according to the instruction manual (a minimum of three minutes). Once done, carefully remove the water and the parts from the bag and dry with a clean cloth: for full instructions, see the product packaging.

• one breast shield/connector/valve-membrane assembly, as well as a bottle with cap or teat
• two breast shield/connector/valve-membrane assemblies
• two 150 ml breast milk bottles and caps/teats
• two 250 ml breast milk bottles and caps/teats

【Are Medela steam bags reusable?】
Yes, each Quick Clean™ Microwave bag can be used up to 20 times, which means they’re economical as well as convenient. There’s even a handy panel of numbered boxes on the front of each one so you can keep a record of how many times you’ve used it – a smart idea for busy mums, particularly if you’re breastfeeding and working fulltime.

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