Medela Disposable Breastmilk Bottles 80ml


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SKU: MED-PA-200.2957

Medela Disposable Bottle(80Ml) Disposable Breastmilk Bottles are ideal for use when pumping. The Disposable Milk Bottles are perfect for one-time use
Benefits of disposable bottles and Colostrum Container

The bottles can be used to collect breast milk with any Medela pump set, to store expressed breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer, and to attach the Calmita feeding solution.

All disposable bottles feature laser-print graduation for accurately measuring the milk volume pumped or fed.

The disposable Colostrum Container has a curved bottom to minimise loss of colostrum.

Designed for collecting, storing, handling, pasteurising and feeding human milk
Can be used straight out of the packaging without prior cleaning: dispose after use
Range of sizes to match milk output and keep mothers motivated
Saves time and improves process efficiency
Made from food-grade material and without BPA

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