Ergobaby Teething Pads - Organic Natural

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$22.41 $24.90

Ergo Baby Teething Pads - Organic Natural are sucking pads that are specially created for your baby's teething years. The pads are made to be reversible and are meant to be attached around the shoulder strap of your baby carrier to prompt your baby to suck on it instead of sucking on the carrier. This will both extend the life of your carrier due to less frequent washings. The pads are reversible and machine washable for your convenience! Comes in cotton and organic cottony variants, in a pack of 2 pads.

Country of manufacture: Vietnam.

*Note that real organic cotton naturally has tiny brown spots. It is through chemical processes and bleaching that cotton turns pure white. Ergobaby Organic Cotton products being truly organic, do not undergo any chemical processes or bleaching. Therefore it is normal and natural to encounter brown spots on organic cotton.

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