Dr. Brown's Electric Sterlizer & Dryer with Hepa Air Filter (Plus 1 Extra Filter)



Dr brown. ’ S clean steam sterilizer and dryer

And if you are a child, you will not be able to take care of the child 's health, nor will you be able to take care of the child' s health.

Dr brown. ’ S presents a clean steam bottle with dryer to allow parents to perform a more maximum sterilization process with hepa filters while storing small equipment to keep sterilize.


⁃ It is equipped with hepa filter for 95% particle filtration during the drying process

⁃ Large sterilization container 6 bottles of milk and breastpump

⁃ With detachable accessories tray for sterilizing small equipment

⁃ Can be used to keep the bottle and equipment sterile

⁃ Measuring cup with water pouring cup

⁃ Power: 600w


1. Maximum cleaning with hepa filter

It is equipped with hepa filters that filter particles up to 95% during the drying process of the milk bottle and its equipment.

2. Sterilize bottle more efficient and fast

Sterilization and drying are now more practical in 9 minutes, and bottles of milk and equipment can be stored in sterilizers.

3. Steam sterilizer keeps the bottle safe

Sterilization of milk bottles with steam techniques kills bacteria and fungi by up to 9.9% and maintains a better layer of milk bottles.

4. Easy stackable.

Part of Dr. Brown. ’ S clean steam sterilizer and dryer can be easily removed so that it is practical to be used as needed

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