Dr Brown 's 9OZ/270ML PPSU Wide-neck "Options+" Bottle with deco

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New dr. Brown 's glass bottle is now present with an interesting picture display!

Dr brown. ’ S presenting dr. Brown ’ S options + glass bottle with fox deco is more heat resistant and stronger than any other milk bottle. ’ S also came up with a more attractive decorated bottle for mother and little one.

Did you know that nutrients in breast milk can decrease in the first 20 minutes since breast milk is fed into a regular bottle? The only way to keep the little one from getting away from the virus is to pay attention to the nutrients consumed.

Dr brown. ’ The s is the only bottle with internal vent systems that can sustain breast milk nutrients longer than any other medium, so that the small nutritional needs remain well met and its durability becomes stronger.

The feeding of the small must be supported by a good bottle of milk to keep the milk perfectly preserved and can be absorbed by the small 's stomach; one of dr. Brown' s milk bottles, polypropylene, is made from a safe material for the small.

A feeding bottle is an essential tool for the child, so moms must choose a bottle that can provide comfort and provide optimal nutrition.

Dr brown 's options. + Wide neck glass bottle with fox deco:

- Nipple innate level 3 (6-9 months)

- 270ml

- Equipped with an internal vent system that has been developed

- With breast-like nipples that resemble breast-shaped

- It has a larger bottle neck, making it easier to prepare milk

- Ergonomic lid design one hand open

- Having a twist on the neck of the bottle makes it easier for parents to open the neck of the bottle

- Travel disk can prevent fluid flowing when traveling or when milk bottles are not used

- Internal vent system cleaning brush cleaner

- Can be used with or without internal vent system

Benefit from dr. Brown 's options. + Wide neck glass bottle with fox deco:

- Strong and safe: Borosilicate glass is a solid glass material that can withstand heat up to 300c

- One bottle for a lifetime: A bottle that can be used for life with good care.

- Wide neck design: A wider neck of milk bottle makes it easier for mothers to prepare milk.

- Reduce colic: Reduce the risk of wind, bloated, and colic

- Vitamin maintain: Keep the vitamin in milk longer

- Natural flow: Giving the same natural flow as breast to reduce the risk of confusing nipples

- Better sleep: Give a better sleep at night

- Attractive and funny character figure toy for little guy

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