Tollyjoy Disposable Milk Storage Bag 25pcs/box


SKU: 1309

Tollyjoy's Disposable Breast Milk Storage Bag is ideal for mothers to store and keep their preciously expressed breast milk in the freezer for use at later date. The anti-bacterial milk bags are added with Nano Silver (Ag+) to help prevent milk contamination during storage. Made with BPA Free plastics, double zipper sealing and pre-sterilized using gamma radiation, you can be sure of absolute safety and hygiene. Another quality products, only from Tollyjoy.
Usage Instructions:
  1. Take out the milk storage bag, and seal the zipper bag.
  2. Write the name of baby that the milk is intended for, as well as the date and time of storage on the bag, so as to ensure accountability and freshness in usage.
  3. Gently tear open the top tab along the perforated line. Discard the tore portion.
  4. Transfer the expressed milk from bottle into the bag.
  5. Squeeze air out of bag to preserve freshness before zipping to close.
  6. Check zippers to ensure proper sealing before placing the milk storage bag into freezer.
  7. Milk that is to be used should be thawed in the refrigerator.
  8. Once completely thawed, shake the contents of the milk storage bag gently to blend the fats that may have separated.
  9. Unzip the bag and pour out contents from the milk storage bag into a clean and sterilized feeding bottle.
  10. You may warm them ilk bottle in a container of hot water or to use Tollyjoy's LCD Food & Bottle Warmer.
  11. Dispose off the milk storage bag.

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