Combi Training Chopstick With Case (OR)/(GR)

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Combi Training Chopstick With Case (OR)/(GR)

Product function:
taining the right-left hand coordinate ability and accurate action ability. combi training chopsticks can train both right-left exchange,not only train baby how to use chopsticks,but also train baby's action ability of right and left hand independently,so as to develop baby's brain.

product instruction:
step1:after clamping loosen,chopsticks will automatic bounce off,it can help baby learning.
step2:start training 3 fingers coorpration.
step3:after baby's growth,can correctly use chopsticks.
product chracteristic:
the material of moderate softness hand shank let baby feel comfortable.
insert opening and closing console from up to down, on the contrary opration when they be pulled out.
delicate small portable box ensure do not worry tableware heathless outdside.
safty materail guarantee quality!

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