Combi Teteo Baby Individual Tooth Brush Set - Set 1/ Set 2/ Set3 6M+

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SKU: C115609

Combi Teteo Baby Tooth Brush Set is a set of Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 baby tooth brush. This toothbrush set follows your baby throughout the stages from 6 months on. Start baby's milk teeth care from this set.

Set includes 1x Step 1, 1x Step 2, 1x Step 3 baby toothbrush
Step 1-3 toothbrush takes care of baby's oral care through the stages
Step 1 (6m+): comes with a choke guard to prevent baby from gagging on the toothbrush
Step 2 (9m+): extra soft nylon brush head
Step 3 (12m+): flexible nylon brush head
Soft & flexible bristles.
Convex shaped brush can efficiently scrap off the dirt on the grooves of molars
Special designed handle according to baby's hand development for easy gripping
Developed with Tokyo Dental College
Made in Japan
Suitable for 6 months and above.

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