Combi JoyKids Mover Baby Car Seat

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SKU: 114447

Suitable weight: 15-36kg
Suitable age: about 3-11 years old
Weight: 4.2 kg
Colour: Black
Dimensions: W 445 x L 465 x H 670-810mm (without drink holder)

The super shock-absorbing material EggShock head cushion greatly absorbs the shock and vibration from the road, and completely protects the baby's head.
Highly breathable fabric is used throughout the body, quick-drying and breathable.
The adjustable headrest can be used up to about 11 years old by adjusting the height of the backrest according to the growth stage.
The shoulder strap guide can be adjusted to the best position from left to right according to the baby's shoulder width.
The shoulder strap assist device ensures that the shoulder strap is set in the safest position for children at any height.
The 3D supporting and relaxing cushion can make the baby ride more comfortable.
The drink holder can be placed on the left or right as you like.
Machine washable seat cushions are easy to clean and ensure hygiene.

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