Combi Compact Cooking Set - (Microwave safe , Dishwasher safe , Steam sterilizer safe)

Mums Choice

SKU: 81007

Applicable Age:
5 to 6 months+ (Swallowing Stage)
7 to 8 months (Swallowing Stage)
9 months (Chewing Stage)

Mash Bowl: It can be used as a small bowl of weaning stage. Bottom with spikes for grinding purpose. It can also be used as a lid for microwave usage.
Lid for microwave: As a lid for use with microwave oven.
Strainer plate: Set the strainer plate to make food paste easily.
Mortar: bottom comes with grooves to use as a mortar to grind food easily. Set the lid on it and it can be used to cook or defrost food in microwave.
Cutting plate: Set the cutting plate and use the spatula to gradually press the cooked vegetable, etc. through the cutting plate, either through the 5mm or 10mm blade.
Grater plate: Grate vegetables or fruits easily using the grater plate. 2 different grating sizes available.
Spatula: Just-fit thickness to hold easily
BPA free
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe
Steam sterilizer safe

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