Combi Baby Stroller / Pram CROSSGO

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Applicable weight: 0 -15 kg
Applicable age: Newborn to around 36 months (15kg)
Product weight: 6.6 kg
Size : W492 x D801 - 913 x H920~1090mmm
1. Large Square Canopy provides full coverage from the baby’s head to feet by blocking 99% UV,wind, dust, reducing the adhesion of pollen, and reach UPF50+. Water repellent feature protects the baby from wet during the rain. Also with 2 ventilation windows to enhance ventilation. Baby can be more comfortable in the stroller because the special square canopy make the inner space increased by 1.5 times. (** Compared with Handy / Sugocal series)
1. Auto 4 swivel wheels make your ride to turn intuitively by always keeping the front wheels 360o swivel with a simple change of handle.
2. Air suspension is equipped on the wheels to further absorb vibration from road.
3. 180mm diameter big wheels enable to stroll smoothly on different terrains.
4. Machine washable EggShock is an ultra-shock absorbent material equipped in the head pad and seat cushion to absorb vibration.
5. Machine washable Dacco seat Comprises a Head Support, Back Support and Hip support by absorbing and dispersing impact evenly to secure your baby in the best position all the time.
6. Thickened Leg Support Pad use 2 times more cotton to thicken, allowing baby to rest more comfortable. (**Compared with Handy / Sugocal Series)
7. 58cm high seat raises the baby above ground-based allergens, enjoy a higher vision.
8. Grip & go design with carry strap enables you to carry under your arm easily.
9. Air-thru seat provides high ventilation and effectively reduce 5oC of apparent temperature.
10. One-touch folding and opening is very convenient even when you are holding your baby.
11. Adjustable Handle in revolving type to suit different heights. .
12. Large Basket can load 10kg for baby goods

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