Babylove High Resiliency Hammock Springs Rose 5’S Spring (longer deeper Sleep)

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Babylove Rose 5’s Spring
Model : BL 0815
Babylove hammock springs do have high resiliency, thus it could provide your beloved baby a longer and deeper sleep at night.

The hammock springs is a traditional measure for the South East Asian families to lull babies who had become unsettled, restless and colicky at their early days.

Babylove Rose 5’s Hammock Springs securely support with sarong net or hammock with U-locks provides total protection. Safety Band is provided as extra precaution measures.

Babylove Hammock Springs enable baby to sleep well. Baby need sleeping environment that simulate the maternal womb. Thus, it is essential to have a Babylove hammock spring and cradle for your beloved baby, because these product can stimulate the rhythm of rocking up and down which similar with the sleeping environment in the maternal womb. Besides, it will provide your baby the sensation of utmost cooling, comfort and security.


Accommodates any size of hammock, swing or spring cot

Metallic chrome plated

Weight capacity: 13kgs (30Ibs)

Dimensions: 48cm x 9.5cm / 55cm x11cm

Come with safety U-locks (2pcs), with/without safety-band

Other Option for manual cradle

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