BabyLove Deluxe Baby Bath Net (Box)

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– Mesh


– 18.8" x 24.8" (47cm x 62cm)

Product Description:

T-Shape Baby Bath Net is actually one type on anti-slip support to protect your baby during bath. It allowed your baby to lay on and support he/her head above the water during bath. Deluxe model has two layers with head pad, yet another model has single layer netting. The length is adjustable by just rolling it and hook to shorten the length for a smaller bath tub.

Tips: For newborn and babies up to six months old, fill the bath with about 8cm to 10cm (3in to 4in) of water. Never fill the bath more than hip-high (in a sitting position) for older babies and children. And never put your baby into a bath when the water is still running as the water temperature can change rapidly.

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