Babylove Baby Organic Bean Sprout Husk Pillow Case

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No Fuss & Sound Sleep
Safe & Cooling
Natural & Eco-Friendly
Almost every parent has sleepless nights when their baby fusses and cries. Babies are easily awake and unsettled because they are very prone to be shocked or frightened by the sudden movement, dazzling bright and noise from their surrounding. When babies non-stop crying they will feel a lack of security. Therefore, babies become easily agitated and less confident. They will become more dependence and cling to their mothers.

Our great grandmothers were wise enough to make so called "Ya Jing" pillow with beans or rice to lull a baby to sleep. Many years of nursing experience had proven "Fearless" pillow can effectively aid babies to sleep better. Babylove determines to continue the great cultural inheritance with our innovated Baby Organic Pillow.

Baby Organic Pillow is 100% natural and eco-friendly. Instead of filling with beans or rice which will breed worms and attract pest, Baby Organic Pillow is filled with anti-bacterial treated bean sprout husks, which are lightweight and porous. The making of the bean sprout husk is very tedious, labor intensive and very time-consuming. Only 20% of bean sprout husks are usable after lengthy processes of collection, filtration, antibacterial sterilization, secret treatment and solar baking procedures.


Reduce baby's startled shocks
100% natural resources
Lightweight, odorless and safe
Air ventilation and cooling effect
Environmental friendly
How to Use

Gently place the Baby Organic Pillow horizontally over the baby chest or tummy, the baby will sleep soundly, like being cuddled in mummy's arm.


Size : 14cm x 33cm
Cover : 100% cotton and easily laundered
Filing : 150g of anti-bacterial treated & sterilized bean sprout huskd

Care Instruction

Solar bake the Baby Organic Pillow regularly for hygiene purpose. This will help to make the Baby Organic Pillow free from odors caused by babies' saliva, milk, and urine. Not forgetting to wash the pillowcase regularly too.

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